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Newsletters by email

Postby Adrian Furniss » Mon Jul 02, 2007 12:58

I have recently developed and installed a mod to the Message Board which allows the Steering Group to compose Newsletters from information in the Events forum. The guide can then be emailed to all or any of the members registered on the Message Board.

In association with this mod, I have also introduced two new settings in everyone's Profile.


The new settings are:-
  • Receive Newsletters by Email: Allows you to opt in/out of receiving Newsletters by email. (Yes|No)
  • Email type: Allows you to choose the format in which you receive your emailed Newsletters. (HTML|Plain)
It is recommended that these settings (which do not appear in your public profile) are left at their default values (as underlined above).

Arrangements are in place which will ensure that members who opt out and those who are not registered on the Message Board will still receive their Newsletters, though some may be distributed by this means alone.

Some members will have already received a What's on Guide, which is generated and distributed using the new Newsletter facility. We believe this will help in publicising SCORE events by providing timely reminders without increasing postage costs and with little increase in the workload of the Steering Group. The What's on Guide is generated from information in the SCORE Events forum, which can be viewed by all members at any time.

As with other emails generated by the Message Board, Newsletters will come from "". Please ensure that your spam filter (if you use one) is set to allow emails from this address.

The architecture of the underlying code will allow us to develop further types of Newsletter in the future, though none is currently planned.

Happy reading, and let's see lots of you at this Summer's meetings.
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