We're Back!!!

A list of 'What's New' on the SCORE web site and Message Board.

We're Back!!!

Postby Adrian Furniss » Sun Jan 17, 2010 04:01

After much effort, the SCORE Message Board is back online and the really good news is that we managed to recover all the old messages.

The new Message Board: As you will have noticed, this is a new Board. We are now running phpBB3 in lieu of phpBB2. The appearance is different and so are some of the facilities it offers. Much of it will be familiar and most of the rest will be intuitive. If you get stuck, then you can consult the User Guide or at last resort, ask here.

Avatars: Some members will notice that their avatar is distorted. This is easily fixed.
  • From any page, click "User Control Panel" (near top of page) then "Profile" (top tab), then "Edit Avatar" (left tab).
  • Check "delete image" then click "Submit" (the image will not be removed from the avatar gallery).
  • Click "Display Gallery"
  • Select a category (2-tone-cappos, Cappuccinos, etc) from the pull down menu, then click "Go"
  • Select your avatar by clicking its radio-button. (If you can't find your avatar then repeat previous step to look in a different category).
  • Click "Submit"
Your avatar should now display properly. I had to do this myself and I'm afraid I've not been able to identify an automatic process to force all avatars into shape. Enjoy!

Board modifications: The old Board was quite heavily modified and we still have to recreate the old Board's special functions, for example the Albums (we have the photos but currently no means to display them), the Calendar, and the "special forums" - Classifieds, Merchandise, Offers, and Events. Recreation of these functions will be undertaken on a priority basis over a period of time (we are resource limited and there's lots to do).

I will add further advice in this topic as it becomes available. Please don't hesitate to send me a Private Message if you spot something that needs explaining or fixing.

But most importantly - PLEASE USE THE MESSAGE BOARD. It's your main means of communicating with fellow Cappuccino enthusiasts.

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