Performance Portfolio - Issue 1 - June 1995

What the Press say about the Cappuccino

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Performance Portfolio - Issue 1 - June 1995

Postby Alex Clouter » Sat Oct 19, 2002 12:30

"The Cappuccino is a perfect exercise in looking back then looking forwards; it might come from the far side of the world, but this car's spiritual ancestor comes from the English Midlands, and was called the Austin Healey Sprite.

"Back then when the Sprite was new, the magic figure for a sports car to achieve was a hundred horsepower to the ton, but there were very few machines that could really deliver it - and those that did tended to have pretty big engines. The Sprite, even in its final 1275cc form, failed miserably in that department, but the Suzuki Cappuccino almost manages to make the mark - its 657cc engine achieves 63 bhp,making a power to weight ratio of 94bhp/ tonne. Similarly it falls short of the hundred horsepower to the litre benchmark which always used to mean a lot, but not by much - another five little Suzuki ponies and it would be there.

"As might be expected of one of the world's most respected motorcycle engine manufacturers, the power unit in the petite package is energetic and enthusiastic. The block and head are cast in aluminium alloy and there are only three cylinders but don't be put off because it has twelve little valves and there is an equally scaled down turbo-charger. From standstill there is a touch of turbo lag if you drive the Cappuccino like an ordinary car, but wind up the revs to a little over 2000 before letting the clutch out and it pulls off the line quickly.

"Acceleration once on the move is sharp and shiny rather than neck-breaking, and you need to make full use of the five-speed gearbox, but all the same the car is TREMENDOUS FUN.

"The short wheelbase, combined with the traditionally sporting backside-by-the-back-axle seating position combine to ensure that the driver is always part of the action."

Reproduced by kind permission of Performance Publishing (Magazines) Limited
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