Classic & Dream Cars by Martin Buckley/ Chris Rees

What the Press say about the Cappuccino

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Classic & Dream Cars by Martin Buckley/ Chris Rees

Postby Christine Maguire » Sun Jan 26, 2003 12:50

A nice hardback book with a very good review or the Cappo on page 394 to quote the last paragraph

"It handled incredibly well, sounded great and was amazing fun, all for the price that embarrassed any other sports car'

Book published by Anness Publishing Ltd 2001 & 2002, found in all good in the discount rack... I paid £5.00 for mine! & was well worth it
Christine Maguire

Postby Robert Austin » Sun Jan 26, 2003 23:51

This book is also available in paperback with the title “Cars, An encyclopaedia of the world’s most fabulous automobiles”. Apart from the cover and the title, the book is identical inside.

I picked up my copy in County Books for £4, they also had the hardback for a little more. In the end I decided on the paperback as, by a narrow margin, I preferred to own ‘one of the world’s most fabulous automobiles’ to a dream car. :D

I agree with Christine that the book is certainly well worth buying. It is an interesting read, but beware, you may end up with a rather expensive wish list! (as second cars to your Cappuccino of course ;-))

Robert Austin

Cappos in books

Postby Marcel Spoelstra » Mon Jan 27, 2003 09:12

Earlier I posted a message called "Cappos in books". This book was on the list. There are several books that mentions the Cappuccino. It is clear that some authors have a positive attitude about the Cappuccino.
Marcel Spoelstra
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