Evo Magazine - February 2003

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Evo Magazine - February 2003

Postby Alex Clouter » Sat Feb 08, 2003 00:17

David Yu is a contributing writer to Evo Magazine and owns a Cappuccino (and we hope that he will be joining SCORE very soon!).

He recently went up to North Yorkshire for the magazine's regular end of year long term group test...

"I was asked if I'd mind bringing the Suzuki. Apparently the guys (other road testers) were interested in sampling its charms. I agreed providing I didn't have to drive it all the way there. For goodness sake, it's still got the 85mph speed limiter fitted...

"So it was that I left the Spider sitting forlornly in the garage and took the tiny Japanese 'kei' car out on the adventure of its lifetime.

"The trip to Evo Towers is the furthest I've ever driven the Cappuccino in one go and it keeps up with the ebb and flow of M1 traffic pretty well, but I'm lloking forward to swapping it for a grown-up car."

David had the opportunity of driving the following cars: Ford Mondeo ST220, BMW M3, Toyota MR2, Mini Cooper S, Mitsubishi Evo VII RS Sprint, Audi RS6, Renault Clio Cup, Vauxhall Zafira GSi, MG ZT-T and Mercedes SL55.

You can read about his experiences, likes and dislikes of each in the magazine but David's final conclusion...

"Finally I had the dubious pleasure of driving my speed-limited Cappuccino all the way back to The Smoke. Actually it wasn't that bad; in fact I may have short-changed it somewhat by limiting its use purely to the urban crawl. After all, I did accurately describe it as being a proper sports car miniaturised. Oh, and it had unquestionably the best steering of all the cars in this year's test."

And here's what other test-writers said about our much loved Cappo, almost ten years on from when the car was launched in the UK:

Chee-Chiu Lee: "What a surprise then that the Cappuccino can give you a smile to rival the MR2's; it seemed everyone wanted to have a go in the coffe car, even jumping into it when there were plenty of people around..."

Allan Pattison: "My own long-term C220 felt lazy in such company and on such roads. Car of the day for me, though, came with 660cc, three cylinders and a turbo. the little Suzuki Cappuccino... I challenge you to drive one and not grin for the rest of the day."

Tony Bailey: "Mercedes SL55 has about ten times the bhp but only half the steering of the Cappuccino."

John Hayman: "With its wide bars, smooth and predictable power delivery, superbly balanced chassis and top notch suspension the Ducati Monster S4 was absolute joy. Only the Cappuccino came close out of the others."
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