Fuel Saving

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Fuel Saving

Postby David Regan » Tue Feb 19, 2008 02:34

Hi All,

My X-90 seems to be guzzling fuel lately. I have changed the air filter and this improve things at first, but I don't seem to get very far on a full tank!

I am driving mainly in city traffic, start/stop and have an auto as many of you will know. Should I dis-engage the override, thus shifting from 4 gears to 3?
David Regan

Postby Ian Linden » Wed Feb 20, 2008 00:12

Hi David,

I think you mean the overdrive :D

Disabling 4th gear will not help to save fuel; on the contrary, staying in 3rd when 4th could be used will result in worse economy.

The only use for the O/D Off switch I know is to prevent "hunting"; i.e. when the transmission repeatedly shifts between 3rd and 4th and back to 3rd.....

If you consumption has recently become worse, the usual things to check are ignition timing, the EGR system, the coolant temperature sensor (the one which serves the ECM, not the gauge) and the MAF. Also check the handbrake is releasing fully, and the tyre pressures - the correct figure is 23 psi.
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Postby David Regan » Wed Feb 20, 2008 18:07

OVERDRIVE - Oh Yeah... :oops:

Thanks Ian. Il'll take a look.
David Regan

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