New Fuel Specification E10

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New Fuel Specification E10

Postby Roger Chenery » Tue Aug 31, 2021 19:32

As of September the 95 octain fuel has changed to a new more environmentally friendly specification with added ethanol.
Does anybody know if this will damage Cappuccino parts and seals?
Internet says that it is fine for post 2010 but the Checker just says for older car check the vehicle manual. Not very definitive.
Do you know the definitive answer?

Regards Roger
Roger Chenery
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Re: New Fuel Specification E10

Postby Ian Linden » Tue Aug 31, 2021 22:44

The definitive answer is in the Owners Manual, Page 1-2


As E10 fuel is 94 RON and no more than 10% ethanol, it is suitable.
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Ian Linden
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Re: New Fuel Specification E10

Postby Murray Betts » Sat Oct 02, 2021 00:08

I've used some E10 in the Capp, admittedly mixed with probably 1/4 tank of E5 95RON which was already in there.
I'm pretty open minded on such things, but I'm certain it's running more nicely on it. Fuel reinstatement after overrun fuel cut-off definitely seems smoother and the idle quality is better, more stable. Time will tell if it's consistent, I might alternate some E10 and super grade 97RON E5 to see what the mix works like. I've always thought it runs with a little more refinement and slightly better response on super 97RON, nothing dramatic but a repeated effect when I've used it.
The Capp combustion definitely seems sensitive to fuel type, other cars I have (Yaris/Jazz) seem very insensitive to fuel type, you really can't tell any difference (probably better developed combustion system, certainly much higher compression ratio and more modern management systems).

Anyone else had any thoughts as to how they run on E10?
Murray Betts
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